Tips for Sweet Dreams: Program Your Mind for Positive Thoughts!

Do you ever find yourself tossing and turning in bed, unable to fall asleep?Are your negative thoughts keeping you awake at night?


We all experience the occasional sleepless night, but if this has been happening frequently it’s important to take control of your mental health and, reframe how you look at bedtime.

Here are some tips on how to reprogram your mind for positive vibes before getting tucked in for a goods night’s sleep.

Take Control of of Your Thoughts

Your thoughts are like little radioactive spiders that can climb the deepest corners of your mind and linger there. 

Just like real spiders, they can be pesky and hard to get rid of if they’re not dealt with quickly.
As bedtime approaches make sure to carve out a few moments for yourself so you can take real control over what goes on between the sheets…of thought that is!
Acknowledge any negative thoughts that come up and then replace them with positive ones. Visualize peace and gratitude – this is an effective way to reprogram all the positive vibes right back onto autopilot – where they belong!

Create a Sleep Routine

Creating a sleep routine helps create structure in your life which can lead to better quality sleep. Establishing and maintaining healthy patterns such as winding down around 8pm, dimming lights, avoiding screens (this includes TV, phones & computers) two hours before bedtime, and listening to calming music or reading a book will help train your body when it’s time to rest. And who knows? Maybe by creating a soothing environment you’ll be able to doze off sooner than expected!

Use Relaxation Techniques

Relaxation techniques can also prove useful when trying to get some sweet dreams. Before going to bed take a few minutes for deep breathing exercises or progressive muscle relaxation (that’s alternately tensing and  relaxing each muscle group). These breathing exercises will help relax your body while also calming down racing thoughts that could be preventing you from getting some much needed shut eye.

I’m not saying practice yoga every day; I’m just saying relax and take take 10 minutes in the evening (or whenever it suits you best) for some relaxation time! 

It’s important that we give ourselves permission (and time!) to wind down before hitting the hay. This helps us build healthier sleep habits which leads us one step closer towards our goal of sweet dreams!

Hey, Happy sleeping 

Love and Blessings x
Teresa Wagstaff

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