Healing: Embracing Positivity in Life
Today, I am here to share something that we all crave - healing, peace, and optimism. 

Life is like a rollercoaster ride; sometimes, it uplifts us, while other times, it drags us down. But how we perceive and tackle the hardships defines our journey. So, let's embark on this introspective journey together and discover how to heal ourselves every day.

DAFvs1OTf9gHealing is a process, not an overnight miracle that can make all our pain disappear. And as we slowly move towards the path of recovery, we should proudly acknowledge the progress we have made so far. Remember, it is okay to take two steps forward and one step back because every small improvement counts. It takes courage to rewire our thought patterns, to let go of past traumas, and work on rebuilding ourselves. So, pat yourself on the back for the strides you have conquered.

As we heal, it is imperative to let go of the negative impact of past events and experiences. Because, carrying the burden of bad memories will only hold us back and hinder our progress. Therefore, creating a positive environment around oneself is crucial. Whether it is decluttering our space, practicing meditation, journaling, or seeking therapy, we should adopt anything that helps us let go of negativity and manifest positivity.

A positive mindset is a catalyst for healing. When we experience positive energy, our outlook on life changes. Instead of viewing the glass as half empty, we start appreciating the little joys of life. Things seem to fall into place, and we DAFvtA_fM3wbegin to see the good in everything, be it a budding flower, a warm smile from a stranger, or a beautiful sunset. Therefore, make a conscious effort to absorb positive energy around you, and witness how it transforms you.

As we move towards healing, it is essential to surround ourselves with a peaceful environment. When we create a stress-free space, our minds are at ease, and we can focus on rebuilding ourselves. As I preach at my workshops it’s necessary to prioritise self-care; indulge in a bubble bath, put on your diffuser, play soothing music, take a walk in nature, or do anything that calms your mind. Your mental and physical health should be your topmost priority.

Lastly, one of the most critical aspects of healing is cultivating a really positive inner voice. We are often our biggest critics, and the voice inside our head often seems to nitpick every small detail. But, we should take a page from our favourite self-care books and learn to appreciate ourselves. Celebrate every victory, no matter how small they may seem. When we start acknowledging our worth, it can do wonders for our mental health.

Life is a journey filled with ups and downs, but it is up to us to choose how to embrace it. Healing is not just an external process; it is about building a positive relationship with ourselves. When we start prioritising our mental health and manifesting positivity, it is magical how it transforms us from within. So, let’s all take a vow to heal ourselves every day and to live life to the fullest.

Remember, you've got this!

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Love and blessings always
Teresa Wagstaff
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