Teresa Wagstaff is the Owner and Founder of YesUCan.She has transformed herself from being bedridden in chronic pain, after complications from a broken neck which took 25 years from her life and in which she nearly died, to a successful Entrepreneur, Network Marketer, Motivational Speaker and Coach!


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Don’t Worry, Be Happy!

It’s easy to worry about things that haven’t even happened yet. We tell ourselves that if we just worry enough, we’ll be able to prevent them from happening. But the truth is, worrying does nothing but ruin our happiness in the present. So why do we do it? The answer is simple: we’re human. It’s […]


Love is Power!!!

12 July 2020 Do you believe that Love can change the world?  I politely ask  you now if you believe this to please read on and tell me what you think afterwards  … In the late 1980s, Lieseri,  the daughter of the famous genius, donated 1400 letters, written by Einstein, to the Hebrew University, with […]


Let’s Get Sustainable …

19 July 2020 Go green at home: 13 simple tips for a sustainable life Our motto: Treat every day like Earth Day and have a sustainable life! Just like you shouldn’t wait for Valentine’s Day to show love to your friends and family, you don’t need to wait until every 22nd April to show the earth […]


YesUCan Welcome’s You Onboard

31 July 2020 YesUCan is a business which is blessed to have three companies under its umbrella. They’ve decided to come aboard with YesUCan in order to help us get you back to full and complete wellness in mind, body and soul.   This means that with YesUCan you’ll be able to enjoy all natural products that […]


Create a little Christmas in your life …

17 August 2020 Today I’d like to take a moment and tell you about Thieves Essential Oil. Thieves Essential Oil blend is a very powerful combination of Cloves, Lemon,  Cinnamon Bark, Eucalyptus  Radiate and Rosemary  Essential Oils that will fill any space with a rich spicy aroma that smells,  to me,  like Christmas.  It’s one of the most popular products we have […]


Tragedy Strikes Yet Again!

21 November 2020 There is something I’ve kept from you all from a long time because I’ve had trouble reliving it and haven’t as yet recovered.  Yes, now I’ll let you know that tragedy did strike me and to this day I haven’t fully recouped my strength.  The easiest way for me to tell you […]



14 December 2020 The LUXE SKINCARE HAMPER TREAT has been reduced from $179.10 to $169.00 but let’s look at what’s inside this luxurious Hamper and what it can do for you or your loved ones. THIS HAMPER PACK INCLUDES? 1 x Argan Antioxidant Primer 30ml  Silk Oil of Morocco’s Argan Vegan Antioxidant Primer provides the most perfect moisturising base prior to make-up application. […]


Do you like long lashes?

11 January 2021 Well if you said YES you’ll love our magnetic lashes? You’ll find that it’s the current lash trend that everyone’s raving about at the moment! Yes, Magnetic Lashes! With magnetic lashes you can have longer, fuller lashes without the messy glue that’s associated with fake lashes.  The thing is though that you’d […]


🎁🏆⭐️🎉 Our giveaway this month 🎁 🏆⭐️🎉

26 January 2021 🎁🏆⭐️🎉 Our giveaway this month is a wonderful Silk Natural Coconut and Wild Lime Soy Candle 🎁🏆⭐️ 🎉 This Natural Coconut and Wild Lime Soy Candle  will be awarded to our Top Follower on YesUCan’s Facebook Page this month! Our Natural Coconut and Wild Lime Soy Candle will awaken your senses and enhance any room. Ou Silk Natural Soy Candles contain Natural […]


Let’s Cook!

18 February 2021 I’ve introduced the Flavourista range to YesUCan because they are an Australian company who have specialty olive oils and balsamic vinegars, spice and salt blends, lush chocolate powders, and dessert toppings and sauces that I believe you’re going to truly enjoy. Another reason was that all their products are CERTIFIED GLUTEN and NUT FREE which is […]


What’s BRAIN Spray?

1 April 2021 It’s a Nutritional Spray that powers the human BRAIN!  As your brain is the most powerful organ in your body it needs to function properly.  When your brain functions correctly, it can mean the difference between a day that is stressful and hectic, and a day that is joyful and calm.  BRAIN […]


Black Label Products Have Arrived!

11 June 2021 Firstly though have you seen YesUCan’s Black Label Essential Sativa Oil with Kaffir Lime? YesUCan’s Black Label Essential Sativa Oil with Kaffir Lime is commonly used to address sleep disorders, anxiety, and most of all pain. Why Kaffir Lime? It intensifies the level of anti-inflammatory compounds making it a natural pain reliever and fever […]


Which Charities Does YesUCan’s Silk Support?

7 September 2021 YesUCan has chosen to represent Silk Oil of Morocco  because they’re proud supporters of a number of chosen charities that focus on important health and social issues close to our hearts ❤️ Silk aligns with registered charities every year whose mission aligns with our personal values and beliefs! So by supporting YesUCan’s Silk Store you are helping to […]


Are you ready to relax?

3 October 2021 It’s time to wind down, I hope you’re taking some time to relax! Try YesUCan’s Silk Store’s Bath Bombs because they smell divine and they fizz around you like a luxury spa you can get large single ones of a packet of six smaller ones!  Take a look here 👇🏼 Remember to light your Silk […]


Have you tried Inner Defense?

9 October 2021 Inner Defense is just what the name suggests – a defense and protection from all that today’s world can throw at us! This powerhouse blend of essential oil supports the immune and respiratory systems, making it a wonderful addition to your health routine either for daily use or for when your defenses […]


YesUCan Silk Is Going International!

18 November 2021 Do You Want To Be An International Silk Ambassador? We are so excited to offer for the first time in 11 years International Silk Oil of Morocco Ambassadors 🤩 International Ambassadors can now have their own personalised FREE Silk store which is updated and looked after by Head office here in Australia. You can […]