Teresa Wagstaff is the Owner and Founder of YesUCan.She has transformed herself from being bedridden in chronic pain, after complications from a broken neck which took 25 years from her life and in which she nearly died, to a successful Entrepreneur, Network Marketer, Motivational Speaker and Coach!


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Here's to Life

Part 1 – About me … broken neck, pain management, chronic pain

27 August 2019|Here’s to Life

 Well I’ll  begin my story when I was 16 years old: I come from a large family.  I’ve got five older brothers and one younger sister.  My parents were amazing and loved each other very much.  We were all brought up in a very strict household.  Dad was an extremely devoted practicing Catholic.  All those years ago sex was a taboo subject for me both at home and at school.  I didn’t know much when it came to the opposite sex.   I thought I fell in love with my first boyfriend.  Puppy love and then words from my doctor, “you’re  pregnant!” After hearing those words my life as I knew it, of course,  changed dramatically.  

A 74 year affair
A 74 year affair

Both my parents were incredibly upset with me and a Catholic church wedding was quickly organized.

I had been working in a legal office since I was 15 so I kept working right until the end of my pregnancy.  Then after going two weeks over my time I had a traumatic labor.   I was given an emergency caesarean and my wonderful  little boy was born.

My baby boy
My baby boy

A great work ethic had been instilled in me by my Dad so I returned to work when my son was four months old.  

Working hard and with  a struggle, at 17 years of age, I purchased a block of land.   By continued effort at 18 years of age, joyfully I built my first home.  It wasn’t long after settling into my home that a pregnancy test came back positive.  With great joy to me, at 19 years of age, my little girl was born. 

My baby girl
My baby girl

I found myself at nineteen working full-time once again in the legal office, being the best wife I could be and a loving mother.

At nineteen my year ended badly and my life changed course again.  In a home accident my neck was broken in two places.  The details of which I’m not delving into now.

A broken neck stopped me ......
A broken neck stopped me ……

After months, which included surgery  and a long hospital stay, normality did eventually return.  Incredibly and with hard work on my rehabilitation,  I slowly resumed full-time work once again as a legal receptionist/secretary. 

My third beautiful baby was a girl!
My third beautiful baby was a girl!

After many years of great health, a new job as an executive receptionist/secretary, new hubby, and third adorable child, pain started.  It went from my neck, shooting painfully down through my left arm.   The original surgery, where they’d inserted some of my hip bone to stabilize the broken bones in my neck,  wasn’t now doing it’s job properly.   Sadly, this was the beginning of a series of operations and my downfall.  I endured lots of pain and was given truck loads of prescription medications!!

I slowly got worse over the years until it came to a head three years ago!!

Due to more complications which  needed seven additional  operations in eight months I was given  even more medications.  This time I ended up totally bedridden.  

I was prescribed many tablets
I was prescribed many tablets

I was eventually sent home in a sorry state.  Relying on oxygen and confined to a hospital bed.  At this stage I felt no hope.  

I remained tragically bedridden and extremely depressed .....
I remained tragically bedridden and extremely depressed …..

Receiving around the clock care, I was bedridden and unable to walk.  I started on a downward journey towards suicide.  I honestly thought that this was the only way out.  I disappointingly and shamefully tried to commit suicide a few times.  I felt it was the only way to get out of the agonizing pain I was in and the everlasting loneliness that surrounded me at home while stuck in bed. 

I walked the suicide path truly oblivious to the mental anguish I was spreading around me.  Now knowing the lasting emotional damage I created to the people I love, it  shames me completely!  

Before the  last attempt I was  completely depressed and in lots of pain,  I was now totally disabled.  I definitely saw no way out.  The happy person I used to be was gone and darkness overtook me.  

Three days later I found myself gasping, trying to breathe, with my soul coming out of the top of my head.  Dispiritedly I had overdosed.  I took a few weeks worth of prescription medications at once!

I was on life support
I was on life support

There’s a tube down my throat and I have terror racing through my viens … 

As I’m holding on to life itself,  the only thing I now feel is deep shame.  The shame of it, if I had died and was no longer on this planet.  The shame that I’m feeling at this point because of how my family might be perceiving me, especially my children.  But by the fourth morning, I’m miraculously receiving good premonitions that I would be forgiven by my children. Thankfully my life support in intensive care was removed.

Then shamefully suicide was part of my life .....
Then shamefully suicide was part of my life …..

During all the  years of my disability I used every possible aid that you could imagine. Floating mattresses, wheelchairs, walkers, mobility scooter,  air concentrator, and aids of all description..  Like I said I needed everything.  I needed medical oxygen and was living with chronic pain.  The amount of prescription medications I was taking daily were killing  me.  While I wrestled with my situation, in my haze I didn’t comprehend the deadly and soul destroying journey I was on.  My need for these prescription medications was huge due to the pain.  Sadly, I  had  no idea of the impact this was having on me and my family at the time.  I never read about the medications that were given, I just took them as prescribed.

Prescription medications for my pain was continuous .....
Prescription medications for my pain was continuous …..

But actually as I became  conscious in the hospital after my suicide attempt, I also had this transformation, this shift,  a power of strength in my mind.  It was like, “wow!”  I now know the truth about the effects of pharmaceutical medications.  I want to live!  These are the truths that I’ve realized that I can share with YOU!  The truth is that pharmaceutical drugs can destroy your life, your relationships and your family.

Maybe the path you are on isn’t the path you should be going down!!! Think!!!

I started planning YesUCan.  I studied health, nutrition and cooking ideas.  I had all of my lonely days and the  long, long nights awake to use.  I read, studied and prayed.  I started planning and looking  towards the future with courage.  I had changed mentally and spiritually at last.  My mindset was positive!

The truth of a new life became alight in my mind .......
The truth of a new life became alight in my mind …….

After changing my mindset my children came forward,  with their families, and I saw what real love should be like …. 

I started a plant based diet.  I used vegan ingredients, that are made cruelty free, have never been tested on animals and been made in a way that’s sustainable for the environment.  I found myself able, with a struggle, to get on my feet.  I started slowly walking again.  

Healthy eating became my norm ........
Healthy eating became my norm ……..

I was able, slowly,  to get off 125mg fentanyl (3 x stronger than morphine) and other morphine based drugs  (the likes of which were killing me).  This of course was really hard but I pushed  and pushed .  Slowly I got  through the withdrawals.  I suffered all the withdrawal symptoms of a heroine addict which nobody warned me about.  This was an extremely scary time, but hey,  I got through it with determination.

Handling withdrawal symptoms alone was hard …

There were  also heaps of other medications too.  It took me around eighteen long months  to get off nearly everything.  No picnic that’s for sure but the real you starts emerging.  The real you shines through. It’s hard but you have to keep pushing. The clear mind is so, so worth it!

During that time my 27 year marriage sadly broke up.  I moved interstate to live in South Queensland, Australia.  It’s the most spiritual place I’ve ever been.

A spiritual place to live ...
A spiritual place to live …

I now find myself living independently.  I am lucky enough to be in a sunny apartment which is across the road from the beach.  

Waking up hearing the birds and the sound of the ocean.  It  puts a smile on my face.  I feel totally blessed and am truly thankful that God chose to have me live.  I am truly living an abundant life.  I now have my family, many friends and life itself back better than it ever was.  

Getting off prescription medications was the hardest but the best thing that I could have done.  I knew the only way I could look after myself was to be free of them. I do credit God and my ancestors in the spirit world for my deliverance.  My children and grandchildren also.

Be free, it's a mental choice ...
Be free, it’s a mental choice …

Using good nutrition, meditation, self hypnosis and wonderful healthy products I have been able to ride above the pain. The oils and nutritional sprays have undoubtedly helped me .  They’re in no way pharmaceutical.  Natural products only and just look at the complete turn around!!!

It has been a major challenge for me to get on my feet again properly after 17 years of long hospital stays, operations, tests (which at times were worse than the operations) and living with chronic pain.  Both my feet actually broke when I got out of bed and exercised for the first time. This was while under supervision at the hospital (just strengthening stretches) which of course led me back to bed.

Even now the tops of my feet and half way up to my knees are still feeling numb but I know this will pass.

I am still on a mission though to get myself totally fit.  I want to reclaim the muscles that I once had.   Using great nutrition, and exercising as much as my body is able,  I’ll get there.  Pairing this with my new knowledge and the use of my natural products I’m well on the way.  

Getting stronger is my challenge now ...
Getting stronger is my challenge now …

I certainly haven’t beaten chronic pain and probably never will.   I am now learning that the more you do the better you feel  especially emotionally.  Even though I am in pain I keep moving  regardless.  If you move your body and live life you will survive with a smile 😃 on your face.  The more you move, together with good nutrition the quicker you will heal.  It’s the food you eat and the products you use that equate to life itself.  The better you treat yourself,  including talking to yourself lovingly,  the better you will feel and the sooner you will heal!  

Being alive and free is awesome!!!

I feel totally blessed ..
I feel totally blessed ..

I feel I am totally blessed and am thankful that I am now living an abundant life!

 I am now ready, together with my associates, to give back to the world the meaning of true wellness .  I will work with compassion, gratitude, kindness and spirituality with you to show you the way too. 

Love life and be strong!!!! 

Get in touch and tell me YOUR  story as everyone has one!!!

Just talking will lighten your load
Just talking will lighten your load



YesUCan is committed to helping YOU get well physically, mentally and financially.Teresa Wagstaff is the Managing Director and Owner of YesUCan. She has transformed herself from being bedridden in chronic pain, after complications from a broken neck which took 25 years from her life and in which she nearly died, to a successful Entrepreneur, Network Marketer, Motivational Speaker and CoachTeresa’s goal is to stop the overuse of prescription medications and chemicals in products and to help women realise they have the ability change their world too.Her business motto is Change your Thoughts, Transform your Life!

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